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Wordwrights is a Christian writing group that meets the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Program:  "Tips for Getting Published & Then Marketing Your Book"

Speaker: Gaye Sanders, author of The Survivor Tree


Our scheduled speaker, Jeanne Devlin, is unable to be with us Saturday and has arranged for one of her published authors to present in her place. Gaye Sanders, author of The Survivor Tree, will speak on the same topic planned by Devlin, owner/editor of The Road Runner Press. The Survivor Tree is Sanders' first book and was published by The Road Runner Press.







Upcoming Wordwrights Program:

December 8, 2018: Christmas Party & Readings/Officer Elections




Some of the latest meeting program and topics have included the items below

 A Sampling of Previous Programs

  • Wordwrights' Retreat at Yonderland, Mulhall, Oklahoma - Featured Speaker, Sally Jadlow
  • Speaker, Alton Carter - "Author of Aging Out and The Boy Who Carried Bricks"
  • Speaker, Andrea Foster (The Booklady) - "Sell Your Book Without Losing Your Shirt: Promostions In the New Pubishing Age"
  • Speaker, Carolyn Leonard - "Journey of Discovery in Israel"
  • Polish for Publication Critique Series
  • Speaker, Dee Dee Chumley - "Why Write? Why Christian? Why Fiction?"
  • Speaker, C. Dale German - "Journaling with C. Dale German"
  • Speakers, Donna Le and Donna Sue Berry - "Writing for the Love of God"
  • Polish for Publication Critique
  • Christmas Party & Readings/Officer Elections
  • Polish for Publication Critique Series - "Polish Your Prose and Poetry"
  • Speaker, Chris Christensen, CEO Christensen Media Group - "Marketing Our Writing"
  • All-day Christian Writing Retreat at Yonderland, Mulhall, Oklahoma
  • Polish for Publication - Critique Session for Prose and Poetry
  • Speakers, Jean Reed and Kathryn Spurgeon - "Two Book Publishers"
  • Speaker, Virginia Brendle, founder GIFTS: "How to Be Presenters to Promote Your Work"
  • Speaker, Nathan Gunter, Managing Editor at Oklahoma Today magazine
  • "Writer's Work" - Wordwrights Members - Writing short bios/tips/devotions/writing to celebrate Easter
  • Speaker, Dr. Robert Kanary, Pastor/Author on writing nonfiction books, writing children's books, traditional vs. self-publishing, and audio books
  • Christmas Party with readings by Wordwrights Members
  • Speaker, Jeremy Ingle, Newspaper Editor/Publisher - Oremus Press, on writing devotionals for local papers and small presses
  • Speaker, Una Belle Townsend, "Writing Children's Picture Books"
  • Critique Session: "Polish for Publication" - Lori Williams, Leader
  • Speaker, Marla F. Jones, Writer/Artist/Book Publisher - Doodle and Peck, on writing children's books
  • Speaker, Benjamin Myers, Poet Laureate of Oklahoma: "Poetry"
  • Speaker, Melanie Hemry: "How to Sell to Guideposts"
  • Speaker, LaQuita Dayton: "Accidental Publisher"
  • Speaker, Norman Styers: "Why Write Nonfiction?"
  • Speaker, Jean Reed: "Writing Dialogue 101 aka Eavesdropping 101"
  • Christmas Party and Member Book Signing
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration - "Wordwrights - Crafting Words for Christ: 20 Years and We've Only Just Begun!" Special guest: Irene Martin, founder of Wordwrights group
  • Speaker, Louise Tucker Jones: "Finding Your Passion in Writing"
  • Speaker, Kathryn Spurgeon: "Writing Love from the Inside Out"
  • Speaker, Barbara Shepherd: "Secrets from the Contest Queen"
  • Speaker, Carla Stewart: "Researching and Writing Historical Fiction"
  • Critique and Themed Writing Session
  • Speaker, Carolyn Leonard, on genealogy and her new book, "Who's Your Daddy?"
  • Planning ACW Conference & Critique Session
  • Speaker, Barbara Shepherd: "Taxes and the Business of Writing"
  • ACW Conference Report & Critique Session
  • Speaker, Stan Tolar, on writing tips, personal writing experiences
  • Writing Exercises
  • Critique Session
  • Critique Session & Fellowship
  • Speaker, Joe Jared: "Writing Metrical Poetry"
  • Speaker Susan Brown: "Seven Roadblocks to Publication and How To Get Past Them"
  • Critique Session "Refining Our Work"
  • Speaker, Nancy Simmons Vineyard: "Joy on the Writing Journey"
  • Speaker, Rene Gutteridge: "Ask Me Anything"
  • Speaker, Jean Reed: Critique Session & Planning ACW Conference Banquet - "To the 9's"
  • Speaker, Milton Smith: "Attending ACW & Other Conferences”
  • ACW Conference Report & Critique Session

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“Lord, establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17 NIV