Wordwrights Meetings

Wordwrights Meetings 

Wordwrights’ meetings typically consist of guest speakers and/or critique sessions. A brief business discussion follows with an opportunity for members to describe publishing successes and information that will assist others in getting published. Visitors are welcome. 


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Program:  "Let Your Write Shine"

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When/Where We Meet


Members and visitors meet the second Saturday of every month (10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.) in Edmond, Oklahoma, at Epworth Villa in the Woodworth Room. Enter the Villa at the HEALTH SERVICES ENTRANCE! (See below for exact instructions.)

Dear Wordwrights Members and Guests:

     We are looking forward to meeting at Epworth Villa (N.W. 150th and Pennsylvania) starting in January 2019.  Epworth’s hospitality is greatly appreciated. We in turn want to be thoughtful and courteous guests by using a direct route coming and going to our meeting room. 

     This is the route to our room (Woodworth Room) that can be followed to help us find our way through the building. Please take time to read and follow the suggested route. 

Please Note: It would be easy to assume that one could ignore the information, simply go to the public entrance on the East side, off Pennsylvania, find a parking place, enter the front door and ask for information at the front desk. You would regret this action. 

1. Pennsylvania is a very busy street at this entrance site. You must be alert, especially when exiting. Most of the parking spaces are marked as reserved; the rest are intended for come and go guests. Sometimes you will not be able to find an available space. 

2. The distance to our meeting room is twice as far to walk from the front desk in this part of the building. The front desk personnel may be overwhelmed by having to direct so many extra people. It is possible to get lost because of three different hallways. 

Please enter EPWORTH VILLA – HEALTH SERVICES ENTRANCE from N.W.150th Street and state your name and purpose at the call box so the attendant can open the gate to plenty of parking and a relatively short walk to and through the building to our meeting room. After your first visit, you will realize how simple this really is. 

         Milton Smith



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Questions? Contact:

Milton Smith, Past-President
[email protected]

“Lord, establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17 NIV