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About Art Affair 

Art Affair is a private organization sponsored by Barbara Shepherd for art and writing. For more than a decade, Barbara encouraged writers of Poetry, Short Stories and, especially, Western Short Stories, to work at their trade and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. To accomplish that goal, Art Affair held three annual contests - one for poets, one for western short story writers and a contest for general short fiction writers.


Annual Writing Contest Winners Continue to be Listed

Art Affair/Shade Tree Creations was the sponsor of the annual Poetry Contest, Short Story and Western Short Story Contests. Submissions are closed. We invite you to view the names of previous winners on the Winner Pages of poems, short stories, and western short stories.


Keep Writing for future contests at OWFI, Red Sneaker, etc.


We have accepted entries for Poetry and Western Short Story categories since 2003 and the General Short Story category since 2007. Submissions are now closed.

Please visit the winners' pages to see who won.


2019 UPDATE:

As founder/sponsor of Art Affair Literary Contests through Shade Tree Creations, I appreciate all the kind words from writers who entered poetry and short stories over the years in my contest categories. They shared how much competing, whether winning or not, helped them further their writing careers. Talk about music to my soul!

Currently, I am celebrating a big birthday - you should celebrate all year, right? Health issues have slowed my own writing for now, but acceptances and awards keep showing up. Those provide inspiration and so does watching a riot of color explode in my flower beds right now.

I encourage everyone to keep writing, entering contests, and sending your work out for publication. I love seeing your name on book covers and listed in the table of contents inside anthologies and literary journals.

Happy writing to you,

Barbara Shepherd


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If you have a question or need to reach us for another reason, please write to: 

Art Affair
P.O. Box 14082
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

We will respond by mail, telephone or e-mail as soon as we can.