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About Art Affair 

Art Affair is a private organization sponsored by Barbara Shepherd to encourage writers of Poetry, Short Stories and, especially, Western Short Stories, to work at their trade and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. To accomplish that goal, Art Affair holds three annual contests - one for poets, one for western short story writers and a contest for general short fiction writers.


Annual Writing Contest

Art Affair/Shade Tree Creations is the sponsor of the annual Poetry Contest, Short Story and Western Short Story Contests. We invite you to view the names of previous winners on the Winner Pages and to submit your poems and short stories (general and western) to the appropriate contest when we post rules in the future, possibly for 2019 contests.


Keep Writing for future contests.


We have accepted entries for Poetry and Western Short Story categories since 2003 and the General Short Story category since 2007. Please visit the winners' pages to see who won.

2017-2018 Deadlines = CANCELLED

06/15/2017 SPECIAL NOTICE:

The founder/sponsor and all the judges have decided to take a much-needed hiatus. Nothing is wrong; all are well; we are taking a break to recharge our creative energies.

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If you have a question or need to reach us for another reason, please write to: 

Art Affair
P.O. Box 14082
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

We will respond by mail, telephone or e-mail as soon as we can.