The Write Arsenal - Blog #004

Posted by Barbara Shepherd on 10/17/2018

The Write Arsenal

by Barbara Shepherd


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1. Recipe for fun

( from the Vittles and Vignettes cookbook – available on Amazon )

“Boiling candy transformed the cold back room of Grandpa’s split-log house into a party atmosphere. He brought his old hay hook in from the barn, scrubbed it clean, and dried it with a striped dishtowel. He reached high to hang the iron tool on a huge nail, attached to a clean and heavily-varnished wooden plank on the sturdy wall. When Grandma brought in steaming, molten candy on a large cookie sheet, Grandpa buttered his strong, weathered hands and gathered up the hot taffy, too blistering for anyone else to handle. Exhibiting his years of experience, he slapped the taffy onto the hay hook and pulled it like a rope, repeatedly stretching and looping the heavy mass over the iron tool with a rhythm that bordered on grace.” [from Vittles and Vignettes]

October brings Halloween, opens the door to more holidays, parties, and treats, and reminds us of other times we’ve enjoyed. Have you been to a taffy pull?  

Vanilla Taffy

2 cups granulated sugar

½ cup water

2½ tablespoons vinegar

1 teaspoon glycerin

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix and boil sugar, water, vinegar and glycerin in a heavy saucepan until it reaches hard-ball stage (260°.) Stir in vinegar and pour hot mixture onto a buttered platter. When candy is just cool enough to handle, butter your hands generously and pull taffy until it turns a very white color. After pulling taffy, stretch it into a long rope and cut into short pieces with a very sharp knife or scissors. Wrap each piece in waxed paper, twisting the ends. Store in a covered container. 

Note: Taffy can be pulled between two people, being careful not to drop it, if you do not have access to a clean hay hook or similar tool

Happy cooking to you! 


2. Writing Prompt 

Use a prompt as a warm-up exercise. Write for five minutes without stopping.

Use this phrase:

“My favorite candy is . . . “   (and tell us why)

Happy writing to you!